Strengthening collaboration within the Lake Geneva "Health Valley"

Since the late nineteenth century, French-speaking Switzerland - and particularly the Lake Geneva region - has become a major centre of global excellence in the field of healthcare. Growth sectors such as medtech and biotech have brought together nearly 750 companies and 20,000 employees as well as 500 university laboratories and 5000 researchers, all in a limited area. The high concentration of ​​brains, businesses and investors within such a small area makes our region a real "Health Valley", conducive to synergies, including between academia and industry, innovation and creativity.

In this rich environment, the HUG are among the leaders and must maintain and strengthen this position. This means pursuing alliances with Lausanne University Hospital (CHUV), research centers, specialist agencies and firms, as well as looking for new collaborations. The HUG's vast skills and expertise will be even better showcased as a result.

Last update : 21/03/2017