Attracting and retaining talent

To attract and retain talent, every employee needs to feel fulfilled at work. This means recognising and enhancing their individual skills, creating a motivating environment, and providing a strong incentive to make progress in their career or to progress within the HUG, as well as paying special attention to achieving work-life balance. Geneva University Hospitals are also facing a shortage of health professionals, which can be explained by a high retirement rate number, insufficiently offset by the number of young people trained in Switzerland, as well as by the stressful or demanding nature of certain occupations, and by career paths and transfer opportunities that are not deemed sufficiently appealing. With that in mind, the HUG also have an important role to play in the continued promotion of healthcare professions among young people, as well as in the organization of training with high added value, in partnership with schools and ad hoc agencies.

The HUG are committed to developing an attractive human resource policy, suitable training packages, optimum working conditions and a modern infrastructure, so as to motivate current employees and attract future talent.

Last update : 16/03/2017