05 Our everyday values

Nos valeurs au quotidien - Projets stratégiques

Strong values, recognized and approved by the public as a whole, are the only way to unite all employees around a shared purpose and mission. In an institution like the HUG, it is not enough to simply write them down in a corporate document like this one; they must also - and most importantly - translate into the everyday actions of those who truly make the institution what it is: employees and patients. These values are quality, innovation, service and responsibility.

Furthermore, developing this 20/20 Vision plan required a major collective effort, involving a substantial number of employees at all levels, in order to identify the interpersonal skills shared by all employees.

These interpersonal skills are closely linked to our values. They are key to leading and achieving strategic projects and the various actions laid out in this plan. Three stand out in particular:

  • Empathy and respect: the future of Geneva University Hospitals relies on better patient relationships. The caregiver understands the expectations of the patient and supports them with their care, in a spirit of partnership. The patient's experience is valued, their administrative tasks are reduced, and the use of technology is limited to what is necessary.
  • Teamwork: though each has their specialism, all HUG employees have a single purpose: the health and well-being of patients. To fulfill this vocation, they have developed a culture of working better together, of mutual interest, and of learning by sharing.
  • Intelligence and expertise: Geneva University Hospitals are known for their skills and expertise in many leading sectors. They continue to strive for knowledge and excellence in order to maintain this leading position, by capitalising on the collective intelligence and the wealth of resources offered by the different professions.

To ensure that institutional values ​​and basic interpersonal skills are conveyed throughout the HUG, several actions will be undertaken in 2015 and will be covered by internal and external communications.

Action 05.1 : Applying our values across the HUG

In order for everyone to be able to adopt and commit to the values of the institution, it is crucial that these are properly understood. It is an important prerequisite for ensuring that these values ​​are embodied across all departments, units and professions.

To this end, each department will translate the HUG's values into actions and behaviour that are appropriate to their activity, so that they become automatic to employees. Every single aspect of daily work will therefore not only be inspired by the institution's values, they will also help to reinforce them. Success indicators and the appraisal of staff performance will incorporate the HUG values as operational criteria of the utmost importance.

Action 05.2 : Being more open and friendly

In the context of a better division of labour to make more time for the patient rather than for administrative work, employees will be made aware of the importance of responding to patients' needs as a priority. The main idea behind this action will be symbolised by the phrase "Yes, I can" rather than "wait a moment, we'll be back".

Among themselves, employees are keen to create a climate of friendliness and to encourage dialogue and interaction. By talking to each other more, by recognising and smiling at one another, everyone can contribute to making the HUG a great place to work, and one in which the patients' stay is made more pleasant. Creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere will begin with the symbolic yet friendly action of encouraging everyone to say "hello" and "thank you".

Action 05.3 : Sharing a common language

Geneva University Hospitals are a rich and complex world. More than 180 different professions are practised here, some highly specialized, others more general, and many of them often poles apart. Although this diversity is a strength, it makes mutual understanding more complicated. We therefore run the risk of creating a distance between colleagues that would be detrimental to collective performance. To overcome this problem, a wiki-glossary entitled "Do you speak HUG? " will be created to promote a language understood by all.


Last update : 29/01/2019