04 Patient pathways through the healthcare system

Itinéraires des patients dans le réseau de santé - Projets stratégiques

Continuity of care, defined as the consistency and usefulness of all services and treatments that a patient receives during the course of their care before, during and after their visit to hospital, is a crucial concept for improving the quality, safety and efficiency of healthcare. Its implementation requires lateral thinking that goes beyond institutional barriers. It offers a solution to the problem of increasing needs and a growing population, despite a level of resources that is not growing as fast.

Substantial improvements can be made in the management of patients' routes through the health service, before, during and after hospitalisation. In particular, the preparation for discharge from the HUG and the plans for ongoing care after hospitalisation can be improved. In this vein, the online medical record MonDossierMedical.ch, a new and secure e-health tool, contributes to improving the quality and efficiency of ongoing care while ensuring medical confidentiality. And finally, the organization of healthcare processes will benefit from a review procedure, based on an approach that better incorporates patient expectations, such as “value-based healthcare”.

Action 04.1 : Improving admissions and discharge

For the patient, their discharge from hospital is just as important as their welcome. It is therefore essential to facilitate and improve these two phases, using a check-in and check-out concept inspired by other industries (hotels, airlines), where these elements are sophisticated and very beneficial.

Action 04.2 : Enhancing the HUG experience

The use of the new wards building will bring together medical services that are currently spread out, leading to many functional advantages that will benefit caregivers and patients alike. Modern facilities and twin rooms will also help to improve the quality of hospital stays.

Action 04.3 : Better coordinating information within the healthcare network

The patient's journey within the healthcare system requires optimal coordination between each party involved. The online platform MonDossierMedical.ch must become the main tool for exchanging information across the network and for incorporating value-added services, in order to optimize and secure the coordination of ongoing treatment, particularly medication, between the different players in the health system.

Action 04.4 : Developing clinical pathways

The HUG have been working on the development of clinical pathways for several years, to organise the coordinated management of patients with similar problems, and to facilitate the process of improving quality of care. This concept needs to be expanded beyond institutional boundaries, to improve patient care after discharge.

Action 04.5 : Optimising processes

The launch of a plan to improve processes is a necessary measure for increasing the efficiency and quality of our service. The aim is to improve the activities designed to help patients and relatives navigate their care, optimize billing, plan clinical pathways as accurately as possible, and clearly define the roles of the professionals involved during the patient's stay.

Action 04.6 : Optimising flow at Cluse-Roseraie

The commissioning of the new wards building means completely changing the flow of patients, visitors and professionals within the buildings. In addition to the current main entrance, on Rue Gabrielle-Perret-Gentil, two new entrances will eventually be added, completely changing the internal corridor system.

Firstly, the new wards building will have its entrance on Rue Alcide-Jentzer. Then, upon completion of the CEVA rail line and the new Plateau de Champel train station, an entrance will also be created on Rue Lombard. The building's underground car park will also have an impact on the entry and exit of people. These changes will help to better accommodate patients and their families, and facilitate their movements throughout the various buildings.

Action 04.7 : Strengthening external partnerships

For some services, such as medical training or equipment funding, new forms of collaboration between Geneva University Hospitals, which are an essential part of the Geneva healthcare system, and public and private stakeholders will be studied. The aim is to provide better care for patients.

Action 04.8 : Developing competitiveness

In the current context of increasing competition, Geneva University Hospitals face the major challenge that is the high cost of the Canton of Geneva, and the price of services that results from this. To remain competitive and in a leading position, they will strive to continuously improve service quality and team productivity, and thus remain ahead of the pack. Innovation will also play a central role, including the development of telehealth, used to anticipate hospitalisations through the remote monitoring of patients. Meanwhile, efforts to promote the image of the HUG, the personal approach to admissions, the attachment of caregivers and the commitment of all employees, will help to highlight the intrinsic strengths of the institution. There will be a strong focus on developing a marketing approach, with the aim of eventually increasing private healthcare business.

Last update : 19/12/2018