The 20/20 Vision in brief

20/20 Vision, the Geneva University Hospitals’ (HUG) 2015-2020 Strategic Plan, is based on a broad participatory review carried out across the HUG.

The analysis of the general context in which the HUG carry out their work has helped to identify seven major challenges  that the hospitals will have to address over the next five years. To do this, the vision of the HUG for the next few years has been formulated as five strategic objectives:

  • Excelling for the patient
  • Giving employees meaning and purpose
  • Working better together
  • Affirming the role of Geneva University Hospitals in the health network for the Lake Geneva area and in Switzerland as a whole
  • Preparing for the future.

This vision serves as a foundation for the strategic plan, which is broken down into nine strategic projects, each with associated concrete actions.

These strategic projects reflect a strong desire to adapt the HUG to the changes we anticipate from the environment in the next few years by focusing on improving hospital culture and human values.

Strategic projects

  1. Patients as partners
  2. Employees in action
  3. Clinical excellence and quality
  4. Patient pathways through the healthcare system
  5. Our everyday values
  6. More time for patients
  7. Local, national and international academic medicine
  8. Personalised employee career paths
  9. Corporate Social Responsibility

The 20/20 Vision strategic plan was approved by the Geneva University Hospitals' Board at its meeting of 11 May 2015.

Last update : 24/01/2017