Increasing our competitiveness

The HUG are recognized as one of the cornerstones of healthcare in the Lake Geneva region. However, this position is not a given, and their competitiveness needs to be constantly reinforced to be able to face current challenges. In particular, these challenges include the opening of inter-cantonal borders, which is increasing patient mobility, increasingly selective and competitive calls for services from non-university cantons, and a particularly high private insurance rate among Geneva's population, requiring an appropriate response. But that's not all. The unique geographical position of Geneva University Hospitals, at the western end of the country, means they are farther from the Swiss population than other major university centers. And more recently, French policy on hospital care - which has reduced the number of patients from neighbouring France -, as well as the scarcity of certain health professions and the registration of clinics on Swiss health insurance (LAMal) lists, means innovative solutions need to be found.

Strengthening the competitiveness of Geneva University Hospitals means increasing the scope of their highly specialized skills and their level of excellence. This also requires enhanced cooperation in research and training with medical, scientific and academic centers across the canton and region. It also requires closer collaboration with the community physicians who send patients to the HUG, as well as with other partners such as Imad, EMS, medical laboratories and private clinics. Equally, it involves managing the integration of the missions of the Joli-Mont and Montana clinics, sought by the Geneva State Council, while preserving the characteristics and identity of all the institutions that make up the HUG: Beau-Séjour, Belle-Idée, Bellerive, Cluse-Roseraie, Joli-Mont, Loëx, Montana et Trois-Chêne hospitals. Finally, it encourages the promotion of the HUG in more distant countries, among the type of patients that such quality of services attracts.

The HUG will continue developing their competitiveness to be able to offer people the best care, in coordination with other health organizations.

Last update : 17/03/2017