01 Patients as partners

Patients partenaires - Projets stratégiqueAs public institutions, the HUG undertake to provide high quality services to everyone, regardless of socioeconomic status. To take account of changing needs, the HUG now want to find a constructive way to include patients and their relatives in discussions aimed at improving the quality of services. As beneficiaries of the services, patients are perfectly placed to assess their quality, and their suggestions are a crucial way of identifying areas for improvement.


Action 01.1: Creating an interactive platform for patients

In order to include patients and their relatives in strategic thinking on the future of the HUG, a "Patients as Partners" platform will be established to organise discussions, encourage dialogue, and to ensure that interactions are both visible and productive.

Initially, it will focus on arranging regular meetings and defining a series of topics for consideration. Patients will then be invited to participate in the discussions. The topics addressed will cover logistics and technical aspects, as well as medical and nursing issues.

In the future, the platform should be able to expand its range of activities, by providing a dedicated online area offering features such as training, educational exhibitions or participatory projects relating to science and society.

The Patients as Partners platform will help to assess and optimize the care process, taking into account suggestions from patients. It will also serve as an invaluable tool for the implementation of certain strategic projects described below, such as Clinical excellence and quality, More time for patients and Patient pathways through the healthcare system.

Finally, the platform should also help to boost volunteering among HUG employees, patients and relatives

Last update : 17/03/2017