08 Personalized employee career paths

Parcours personnalisé du collaborateur - Plan stratégique

Given the changes to a large number of professions at the HUG, and the expectations of many employees, especially the younger generation, it is important to continue the efforts initiated in the development of career paths.

This essentially translates into personalizing careers and promoting internal mobility.



Action 08.1 : Mentoring new employees

Starting work in a new company also means getting to grips with an entire culture and specific values. This requires some time to adapt, whatever your skills may be. One solution that can be quickly developed is the mentoring of newcomers by employees who have experience in the company. By choosing mentors from departments other than that of the new employee, we can break down barriers at the hospital and focus on an institutional culture rather than specific technical expertise spécifiques.

Action 08.2 : Developing new career paths

Evolving in a company means understanding all the possible career paths, and the key elements for moving from one stage to another, be it through acquisition of experience, training, or mobility. This action aims to consolidate and clarify the various opportunities for development and mobility in, and between, the various professional sectors.

Action 08.3 : Promoting positive mobility

The multitude of professions present within Geneva University Hospitals is a valuable asset for promoting the internal mobility of employees. To encourage positive mobility and contribute to everyone's career plans, the institution will establish an inter-unit and inter-departmental initiative. Employees who are interested will have the opportunity to work, for a given period, in another department.

Action 08.4 : Personalizing careers

Employee monitoring and evaluation tools should also serve as a support mechanism when it comes to planning careers. Since every career is unique, the idea is to incorporate these tools into the concept of individualised career paths and the possibility of career transition.

Last update : 10/04/2017