The HUG vision

An institution's vision is the path it wants to take and the destination it intends to reach. The HUG's vision consists of five strategic objectives.

  • Excelling for the patient, by offering a better welcome, by letting the patient be more involved in their care, and by improving day-to-day communications, as well as by improving the quality and cost-effectiveness of care
  • Giving employees meaning and purpose, by clarifying our values and missions and how they apply in our daily work, building a sense of belonging to the HUG and increasing the motivation to work there.
  • Working better together, by breaking down barriers between activities and structures, improving cross-disciplinary processes, promoting multidisciplinary work and valuing the efforts of employees.
  • Affirming the role of Geneva University Hospitals within the Lake Geneva health network, by establishing a clear positioning as part of the various care, research and teaching systems in the regional "Health Valley".
  • Preparing for the future, by developing the agility of the institution, its ability to evaluate and compare itself, to innovate and improve, and to train staff to work in current professions as well as those of the future.
Last update : 24/01/2017