02 Employees in action

Collaborateurs acteurs - Projets stratégique

With some 10,500 employees in 2015, Geneva University Hospitals represent a pool of ideas that it would certainly be a shame to ignore. Each employee, with their own personality and skills, can play an active role in the joint development of innovative solutions to help the hospital move forward.

Taking inspiration from the Karolinska Hospital's Innovation Centre in Stockholm, and along the same lines, the HUG have decided to set up a major company initiative, as described below.

Action 02.1 : Creating an innovation centre

Collecting, developing and implementing the best ideas requires a unique forum to be created for discussion and exchange, exclusively dedicated to employees: the innovation centre.

With the help of experts from various fields, this centre aims to identify and catalyse good ideas, provide methodological and technical support, and build partnerships with the University, higher education institutions and industry. Located in a welcoming space right at the heart of the hospital, the innovation centre will offer project management assistance, analysis and simplification of processes, and the setting up of measurement and evaluation tools. With its sights set firmly on the future, it will also provide training, simulations of clinical and administrative processes, and technological and organisational intelligence.

Action 02.2 : Creating a staff village

The staff village is an extensive set of meeting rooms, social areas, and services for employees. Its goal is to increase well-being at work, promote a sense of belonging and improve the balance between work and private life.

Last update : 24/01/2017