Patients As Partners

Mission of the Patients as Partners Project

The Patient as Partners (PP) project of the 20/20 strategy, supported by the HUG General Directorate, aims to develop the institutional culture of partnership at each step of patient care, in all care specialties, as well as in areas such as hospitality, teaching, or governance.

This project unfolds with the creation of an HUG PP relationship model, the creation of a partnership platform, the continuous recruitment of patients and caregivers and the enhancement and networking of the existing partnership at the HUG. The creation and teaching of the partnership occur through the support of patients, caregivers, and professionals. 


Participation in the development of the Patients as Partners project

Are you a patient, caregiver, or professional? We’re interested in your experience with hospital life!

Join us to contribute to the improvement of life at the hospital. 


Last update : 18/06/2020