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Quality of care is our no. 1 priority

Improving the quality of our care is the primary focus of all HUG employees, caregivers and doctors, of course, in all aspects of their daily work. It is therefore a key responsibility of the Medical and Quality Directorate as well as the Care Directorate. The Vision 20/20 Clinical Excellence and Quality plan is mandated by both departments to certify that the quality of care is up to medical and nursing standards.

The list shows the key achievements of the past 20 years in the pursuit of a true culture of quality at the HUG. To better publicize the HUG's results in this field, the quality report - which you hold in your hands - provides an overview of the situation at the beginning of 2018, though doesn't claim to be exhaustive.

As part of its continuous improvement approach, in 2016 the HUG revamped and reinforced its Quality and Safety Commission, which is chaired by the undersigned. The Commission's job is to put forward strategies for improving the quality and safety of care, to establish priorities in terms of the quality policy, to ensure that targets are achieved, and to suggest and support employee training programs in this field.

The HUG quality policy draws on the work of the Care Quality Division, the Infection Prevention and Control Division (FR), the Research and Quality sector of the Care Directorate, and the network of Quality Officers  present in each department.

It also considers other factors such as patient satisfaction, which has been evaluated regularly since 2001. The experiences of patients and their relatives, whose comments, suggestions and grievances have been collected in the Mediation Center since 2007, are also essential. Finally, the policy can draw on the contribution of patients and relatives who are part of the Patient as Partners platform, implemented in 2016.

Despite all the initiatives put in place to improve the quality of care, we know there is still room for improvement. The publication of this report should not be seen as proof of a mission accomplished, or a glowing account of our work. On the contrary, it is confirmation of our firm intention to continue our efforts towards the creation of an ever-better hospital.

Arnaud Perrier, Medical Director
Sandra Merkli, Director of Care


Last update : 13/06/2019