Mediation center: restoring dialogue

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Sometimes certain patients may feel dissatisfied with a service or the attitude of an employee. In such cases, they can contact the Mediation Center.

Created in 2007, it welcomes patients and their relatives in complete confidentiality on the Cluse-Roseraie site (Main Hospital). Since 2016, four satellites have been opened in Hospitals of Loëx, Trois-Chêne, Bellerive and Psychiatry (Belle-Idée).

The mediators are there to listen, and to work to find solutions or restore dialogue during disputes or misunderstandings. Their goal is to restore the patient's confidence in the institution and its professionals.

As a result of information campaigns to build the profile of the center, and raise awareness of its deployment across several sites, the Mediation Center is now being contacted in more and more cases. In 2017, 624 situations were handled. This figure should be seen in the context of the number of patients treated at the HUG, which rose to 210,000 in 2017.

More than half of all requests come from the patients themselves. They occur most often during hospitalization or outpatient treatment. The vast majority of situations are resolved after one or two meetings.

Requests usually relate to aspects of:

  • quality of care
  • communication and explanations
  • relevance of diagnosis or treatment
  • organization.

The majority of cases are settled through meetings between the mediation service and the medical division concerned, or through a meeting between the latter and the patient. Only 1 to 2% of cases require mediation.


Situations handled by the Mediation Center

Situations handled by the Mediation Center

Last update : 29/01/2019