2. Training in quality and safety

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The HUG has developed academic training courses for the benefit of its healthcare staff. A "CAS in quality and safety of care: operational aspects" is offered to all front-line staff; and a "DAS in quality and safety of care: managerial aspects" has been created for managers and teachers/researchers. These courses are also open to other institutions, and promote networking between professionals.

Training programs are open to all medical professionals and support the pursuit of quality at the HUG.

Quarterly "quality" forums put the spotlight on a quality-related theme and offer employees the opportunity to interact with experts in the field.

Incident management workshops are held throughout the year. Geneva University Hospitals also offer training as part of the Swiss Patient Safety Foundation's Error Risk Analysis program.

And finally, in a more targeted approach, the hospital's quality experts offer support to teams in the design and deployment of continuous improvement initiatives, thereby helping to reinforce learning and develop skills within the different fields of work.

Last update : 03/09/2018