Learning how to manage your illness and your treatment

Understanding and accepting a chronic illness such as diabetes or obesity is a difficult road to go down, as it is fraught with pitfalls and psychological obstacles. Therapeutic education helps to overcome these obstacles. By becoming aware of their pathology, the patient learns to look after themselves, increasing their independence. Through this approach, they can manage their treatment better, reduce the risk of complications and improve their quality of life. According to numerous studies, this approach increases treatment compliance by 50-80% and reduces complications by the same amount.

The Therapeutic Education for Chronic Diseases Division (SETMC) is a collaborating center of the World Health Organization and Center for Research in Diabetes Education.

Recently, it created the first university degree for continuing education in therapeutic education (FR).

The SETMC Department in figures

  • 8 chronic diseases: diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, eating disorders, HIV, sleep apnea syndrome, respiratory failure, glaucoma
  • 27,000 patients have attended classes run by the division
  • 7,500 consultations per year
  • 80% decrease in amputation rate (diabetes)
  • 50% weight loss success maintained for 5 years.

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Last update : 28/03/2023