Appropriate governance to strengthen our quality approach

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A new quality and safety commission was created in November 2016.

Its role is to:

  • promote the continuous improvement of quality within the institution
  • identify and suggest key quality and safety priorities to the Executive Committee
  • coordinate quality and safety actions
  • ensure that departmental actions are consistent with the key priorities
  • collaborate with other departmental and divisional quality-related bodies and committees.

At the same time, the role of management committees - which oversee the administration of the allocated budget in each department - has been expanded. From now on, in addition to financial supervision, they will also address issues of quality. All management committee members have therefore been given a day’s training on the critical analysis of quality indicators. Our goal? From 2018, three times a year, during reporting sessions held between management committees and the Executive Committee, the results of the quality indicators will be discussed in addition to financial results.

Last update : 23/05/2018