Protection against the flu

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Getting vaccinated and wearing a mask are the best ways to protect yourself against the flu. Every year, the flu kills people suffering from ill health. Since 2012, Geneva University Hospitals have become increasingly vigilant in terms of monitoring the number of influenza cases and strengthening their protection measures in the event of an outbreak in a unit. In January 2018, almost 45% of caregivers4 were vaccinated and those who were not agreed to wear a mask during the outbreak.

During the winter of 2017-2018, 20% of influenza cases were acquired in hospital, compared with 25% in 2016-17 and 55% in 2012-13. The committed work of healthcare staff and the rapid introduction of preventive measures have helped to reduce the rate of hospital-acquired flu. Having two-bed rooms in the new Gustave Julliard building has also played a part.

Hospital-acquired influenza rate

 2018 : 20%
2017 : 25%
2012 : 55%

Last update : 20/12/2018