Securing medication

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Significant efforts have been made to constantly optimize the entire medication process and to ensure that each patient receives the right dose of the right drug at the right time.

The installation of automated dispensing cabinets in care units makes the storage and preparation of drugs more secure. Already present in several departments, they are now being deployed across the 17 units of the Gustave Julliard building. These cabinets have been shown to have a significant impact on safety by reducing treatment preparation errors by 70 to 80%. They are particularly effective in preventing errors in drug selection. In addition, they significantly improve traceability and logistical efficiency. Finally, the computerization of inventory management has enabled a 70% reduction in urgent requests, which entail additional deliveries of drugs to units, thereby increasing the risk of error.

Cancer chemotherapy is another area in which safety measures have been put in place. The electronic checking system, which involves systematically scanning both the patient's wristband and the chemotherapy product, improves the safety and the traceability of the procedure and the product alike.

In addition, since 2015, the HUG pharmacy has been using an automated device - the first one installed in Switzerland - capable of preparing personalized chemotherapy treatments: it combines productivity, quality and safety for the benefit of patients and staff.

Last update : 18/06/2020