Twenty years of quality initiatives

  • 1997 : Creation of the Quality of Care division
  • 1998 : Introduction of the concept of incident management
  • 1999 : Creation of the Quality Day (FR)
  • 2001 : First Patient Satisfaction Survey (FR)
  • 2004 : Training in Incident Analysis and Management
  • 2007 : Deployment of the Integrated Patient Record
  • 2008 : First SimulHUG simulation program (FR)
  • 2011 : Deployment of "Quality Officers"
               Introduction of QUAP visits
  • 2013 : Improved training in quality and safety of care
  • 2016 : Creation of the HUG Quality and Safety Commission
               Creation of the Innovation Center (FR)
  • 2017 : Quality training for Management Committees


Quality Coordinator 

Since 2011, each division has a Quality officer.
This Coordinator for care quality and security works together with the Department Head, the Management Committee and the Quality and Safety Commission in order to design and implement continuous improvement programs. He intervenes in the teams and provides methodological support to translate these programs into concrete actions.
There are 17 of them today in the institution (13 full-time equivalents).

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Last update : 25/05/2018