1. Valuing everyone's ideas

Thanks to its 11,560 employees, the HUG has an extraordinary pool of ideas at its disposal. Event days are regularly organized, encouraging staff to get involved in helping the hospital move forward.

Promoting quality

Since 1999, the Quality Day (FR) has encouraged and fostered ideas for improving the quality of care and services. It is an opportunity for teams to present a plan for quality improvement and to thank them for their commitment. Prizes and distinctions are awarded to the most intriguing and effective contributions.

Achieving innovation

Since 2007, the HUG has been helping innovators to promote and accomplish their ideas. The Innovation Day (FR) acts as a showcase for the creativity of employees and an opportunity to meet key economic players looking for new products likely to achieve commercial success. In 2016, a center of innovation (FR) was created - an exciting interactive platform for sharing, gathering, promoting and accomplishing all the best ideas.

Encouraging clinical research

Every year since 2008, the HUG has joined forces with the University of Geneva's Faculty of Medicine to organize a Clinical Research Day, the purpose of which is to promote and encourage research. It is intended for researchers who have recently completed a clinical research project, the results of which have been published in international journals. It must be directly applicable to healthcare..

Improving versatility

The aim of the Creativity Day is to share and reward innovative proposals regarding the organization of work in particular. All executives, nurses, medical and administrative staff can take part.

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Last update : 18/06/2020