Quality Report

qualityImproving the quality of our care, services and performance is a key priority at the HUG.

Quality is the primary focus of the HUG strategy. 20/20 Vision, our five-year strategic plan, puts the onus on improving the quality of our care. One of its nine strategic priorities, entitled Clinical Excellence and Quality, is devoted entirely to the issue. 

We want to excel for the patient, by enhancing the quality of the services we provide, by offering a better welcome, by letting the patient be more involved in their care, and by improving everyday communications.

This report illustrates the huge strides we are making in our approach to improving both the quality and safety of care, essential for treatment and support services. It explains how the HUG has boosted its capabilities in terms of results analysis and supports optimization efforts. The results are taken from the various indicators put in place to monitor the hospital's activity and identify improvements to be made.

Areas for improvement are always desirable, and this report identifies several. It should therefore be seen as a milestone on the road to quality care, and one which focuses on the constant improvement of our procedures, for the benefit of our patients. We are determined to keep getting better. Quality is everyone's business, and we are doing everything we can to make it a success.

« Quality of care is elevated through dialogue with patients in a climate of trust and respect. »

Bertrand Levrat,
Managing Director

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Last update : 13/06/2019