Easing the pain

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Whether caused by an illness or operation, pain can cause significant suffering, both physical and psychological. Since 2003, the HUG has been pursuing an institutional program aimed at improving the assessment, treatment and monitoring of pain. Pain caused by treatment is a key focus.

One of its priorities for action is to mobilize and train employees. In 2016, all new doctors and caregivers (nearly 700) received information and tools to help with the management of pain. Two training courses were created, one on chronic pain and the other on pain during treatment. A brochure listing pain relief medication and pain prevention techniques has been circulated and is available online.

The program is also designed to inform and involve the patient in the management of their pain. To do this, the patient receives a brochure helping them to express their suffering and explaining how to relieve it.

In addition, in 2017 the HUG launched an extensive training program in clinical hypnosis (FR) for doctors and healthcare staff. The caregiver determines a goal with the patient: to reduce pain or anxiety, for example, and then uses the spoken word to induce the state of dissociation associated with hypnosis. The aim is to train caregivers across all units where painful treatment is provided, and to ensure that, as a first step, 10% of the medical staff are trained.

More than 9,000 visits to the Pain Network's website in 2016

90% of patients feel that hospital staff did their best to soothe their pain and 90% obtained pain relief medication in under 15 minutes.

Last update : 25/05/2018