Officers of the board of directors: routine business

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The officers of the board of directors (OBD) handle routine business and prepare for the board meetings.

By delegation of authority, they hold a number of specific powers and adopt the collaboration agreements. They also issue notices about changes to the organization chart structures and regulations, with a view to their submission to the board of directors.

In 2017, the OBD met 21 times and examined 108 cases.

They approved 16 collaboration agreements between HUG and various external public or private bodies and took note of the institutional performance indicators and quarterly financial statements at regular intervals.

The following are members for the legislative period until 30 November 2018:

  • François Canonica, chair
  • Gabrielle Maulini, vice-chair
  • Olivier Sandoz, secretary
  • Solange Caillon, until the end of August 2017, and then Christian van Delden from September 2017
  • Roger Mayou

The chief executive officer, Bertrand Levrat, and the deputy managing director, Michèle Righetti, attend the officers of the board of directors’ meetings.

Depending on the cases submitted to this body, the participation of another member of the executive committee, the head of internal audit and control or the head of legal affairs may be required.

Last update : 20/12/2018