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Vous avez mal ? Agissons ensemble !

Managing pain is our priority

Are you in pain?
Are you worried about suffering after surgery or an examination?
Is someone close to you affected by this problem?

This page is meant to inform you on how we manage pain here, and invites your comments.

Pain, useful or useless?

Pain is mostly an alarm: it lets us recognize when we are ill or hurt. If pain persists, though, it becomes pointless or even harmful. It delays recovery and disrupts every aspect of our life.

  • Acute pain:
    • Useful because it is a danger signal
    • Temporary physical, psychological, social and professional effects
  • Chronic pain:
    • Pointless , even harmful
    • Persistent physical, psychological, social and professional effects
    • Lasts more than three to six months

Pain relief involves us all 

Patients and care providers need to work together against pain. You are the expert of your own symptoms and only you can describe your pain. We have a number of ways of managing pain (see "Treating pain"). 

Everyone deals with pain in their own way

How people perceive pain, and how pain manifests itself, varies from one person to another. Memories of past suffering and emotions, like fear, anger or sadness also have an effect.

Did you know?
Studies show effective pain management reduces postsurgical complications and helps recovery.
Effective treatment must allow you to stand up, move about and breathe as comfortably as you can.

Info +
Adequate acute pain management reduces the risk of developing chronic pain.

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Last update : 09/08/2019