Safety in the car


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Begoña Martinez de Tejada Weber
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For the safety of your child in the car, follow these instructions:

  • Your baby and the baby seat should always be strapped in, even for very short rides.
  • Never carry your child on your lap. When the car is moving, never take the baby in your arms for breastfeeding or to give the baby a bottle.
  • Ensure the car seat is adapted to the baby’s age and weight. The seat must be mounted as specified by the manufacturer and placed on a rear seat.
  • Check that it is secure before each use.
  • Be careful to secure your child: the belt must not be twisted or loosely fastened, otherwise it is ineffective. Take off the baby’s jacket so that the belt fits more snugly.
  • Never leave a child alone in the car.
  • Protect the child from the sun using a sunblind or a piece of material clamped into the door.
  • Clear the space behind the seats to prevent objects flying around during sudden braking or if an accident occurs.
  • On long journeys, have a break every two hours and use the time to take your child out of the seat for a short while.

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Last update : 03/01/2019