Preparing for the arrival of your child


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Begoña Martinez de Tejada Weber
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Les cours de préparation à la naissanceChildbirth preparation classes

Future parents are offered by the Maternity a wide array of childbirth and parenting preparation classes (including a class in a water environment). These provide the opportunity to receive quality factual information on the different stages of pregnancy and childbirth but also on the days following the birth as well as to speak with professionals.

Partners are encouraged to participate, but some sessions are for future mothers only. For this preparation programme to deliver all its benefits, we recommend starting the classes as early as the 4th month.

Descriptive video and online registration

Personal belongings for the Maternity

In order to be ready when you leave for the Maternity prepare, from the 7th month of your pregnancy, your personal belongings and those of the baby’s. Below are few suggestions of what to pack.

For you :

  • pyjamas and a dressing gown
  • mesh underwear
  • sanitary pads
  • comfortable clothes
  • socks and slippers
  • if you are breastfeeding, nursing bras (choose one size up from your size at the end of the pregnancy) and clothes with front openings
  • an outfit for when you leave the Maternity (pregnancy clothes are the most suitable)
  • toiletries
  • lip balm
  • a water mister to refresh you

For your baby :

  • clothes that are easy to put on (bodies, vests, pyjamas, hat, slippers or socks).

Preparing your baby's room

The desire to prepare your baby’s room becomes increasingly stronger. Whether a small corner or real room, at the start your baby only needs a cot or a bed with bars, bedding that makes him/her feel safe as well as a place to store nappies and care products (a changing table for example). If you are planning on painting his/her bedroom, make sure you use non-toxic paint and air the room on a regular basis. 

Organiser les premiers joursOrganizing the first days back home

To reduce the stress related to your return home, anticipate and buy everything you need to care for your baby. If you have other children, organise for them to be looked after when you are staying at the Maternity. After giving birth, ask your partner or friends or family to help you (shopping, cooking, clothes washing). All help is precious, do not turn it down. 

Last update : 11/04/2019