The rhythm of the newborn baby


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Begoña Martinez de Tejada Weber
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bébéFeeding your child, whether with breast milk or infant formula, meets a basic need. Whether breastfeeding or bottle feeding, these are always moments of sharing. The maternity team will help you discover the behavior and rhythm of your baby. Do not hesitate to ask them questions.

During the first 24 hours of life, babies usually sleep a lot, between three and six hours at a time. Take advantage of these moments of sleep to rest yourself.

The first meals

As early as the second or third day of life, most babies wake up very often and want to suckle frequently. These close feeds comfort your child and stimulate milk production for breastfeeding mothers. This phase can be trying, but it passes. The support of your partner or a loved one is welcome. The feeding intervals of bottle-fed babies are greater.

Later on, babies develop their own rhythms, with irregular and often unpredictable phases of wakefulness and sleep. The feeds are close at certain times of the day, and further spaced out at others.

Last update : 11/04/2019