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Coverage of costs associated with pregnancy

Pregnant women are not required to contribute (excess and deductible) to the costs of maternity-related services. This concerns checkups during and after the pregnancy and childbirth, breastfeeding support and the care provided to new-born babies in good health as well as the mother’s hospitalization.

Other medical services provided due to pregnancy-related complications or illnesses unrelated to the pregnancy are also covered without any required contributions to the costs as early as week 13
of the pregnancy and up to 8 weeks after the birth.

Home monitoring after the birth

After the birth, a midwife continues your monitoring at home. For a period of 56 days after the birth, 10 visits are programmed without medical prescription, 16 visits in certain cases (first child, caesarean
section, multiple births, new-born baby presenting medical complications).

Additional visits after the 56th day are possible but with a medical prescription. During the breastfeeding period, a maximum of three breastfeeding-related appointments are covered. These services are reimbursed by the basic medical insurance without payment of an excess or a contribution to the costs. 

Did you know ?
If your new-born baby is ill, the cost of treatment is covered by the child’s medical insurance or disability insurance that covers the costs generated by certain disorders present at birth (prematurity or genetic diseases for example). 

Maternity leave

If you are in employment you are entitled to maternity leave. You will receive an allowance for loss of income equivalent to 80% of your average income before the birth but of a maximum of 196 Swiss Francs per day. Allowance entitlement starts on the day of the child’s birth and terminates at the end of the 14th week after the birth.

To find out more about the precise conditions under which is granted the maternity allowance : 

Childbirth allowance

A childbirth allowance of 2,000 Swiss Francs is granted to every child provided the pregnancy lasted at least 23 weeks.

For precise conditions

Family allowance

The birth of a child gives rise to the granting of monthly family allowances. Governed by Cantonal laws, they amount to 300 Swiss Francs in Geneva. Your employer or the Cantonal office for social insurance can provide you with information.

Last update : 28/01/2021