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Physiological pregnancy

Our midwives and doctors ensure the monitoring of “physiological” pregnancies, that is without risk factors. Any occurrence of complications during these nine months will require the monitoring procedures to be adjusted and the intervention of a doctor.

If your private gynaecologist is monitoring your pregnancy and you plan on giving birth at the Maternity, we will be expecting you for a first appointment around week 36. We recommend you book your appointment in advance and bring a copy of your pregnancy record.

To book an appointment call : +41 (0)22 372 44 00

High-risk pregnancies

Pregnancies with potential complications require special monitoring. Depending on the risk factors, monitoring will be conducted by specialized teams comprising doctors and midwives.

The Maternity offers out-patient consultations depending on the problems presented by the mother (obesity, diabetes, hypertension, multiple pregnancies, infectious diseases, prematurity, etc.).

High-risk obstetrics unit : +41(0)22 372 44 00
More information on specialized consultations

Your appointment calendar

Monitoring of a physiological pregnancy comprises seven prenatal medical appointments and at least two ultrasounds (at weeks 12 and 20).

The first check-up can be done as early as week 9. You are seen to by a doctor and a midwife. Medical appointments are generally on a monthly basis. Monitoring of a high-risk pregnancy may require additional appointments and check-ups.

Prenatal consultation

The Maternity offers a one-to-one consultation with a midwife to all pregnant women from the 4th month onwards. The prenatal consultation is not a medical appointment nor a childbirth preparation session. The purpose is to listen to and discuss your questions and doubts on pregnancy and parenthood. It may also bring to light any potential personal difficulties (for example the risk of perinatal depression) and aims to reinforce the mother-child bond.

More information
For more information and to book an appointment : +41 (0)22 372 44 00
This consultation can also be conducted at the family planning centre : +41 (0)22 372 55 00

Monitoring by a senior doctor

If you have private or semi-private insurance, you can choose your obstetrician from our team of senior doctors. Your chosen doctor monitors you during pregnancy, childbirth and the post-partum period. This also applies to physiological and high-risk pregnancies. Further information on these special services is available in the brochure dedicated to private and semi-private patients.

More information
Contact : +41 (0)22 372 20 22

Comprehensive support program

The Maternity offers a comprehensive support programme to future mothers presenting no obstetrical risk in particular. The aim is to establish a close and trusted relationship with members of the medical team. From your first appointment to the moment you go back home, you are under the care of a group of midwives. A referent midwife is assigned to you. You will, therefore, be in a familiar environment, conducive to reduce apprehensions related to childbirth.

The midwives who are part of the comprehensive support programme are available 24/7.

Comprehensive support program :
+41 (0)79 553 50 86

Birth plan

The Maternity provides you with the option to lay down in writing your wishes and expectations for the birth of your child. On the day, every effort is made to respect your wishes. But, changes to the birth plan sometimes occur for your safety and that of your child. The team of midwives remains available for a one-to-one consultation throughout the pregnancy.

To book a birth plan appointment : +41 (0)22 372 44 00

Last update : 11/04/2019