Our Maternity Division

Maternité des HUGThe Obstetrics Division at HUG is the largest in Switzerland in terms of activity. It is synonymous with comfort, safety and quality of care. From secure support by midwives for women with problem-free pregnancies to multiple specialized consultations for women with complications, the Maternity Division meets the needs of all women in regards to monitoring pregnancy and childbirth.

Our teams support pregnant women from the diagnosis of the pregnancy until the end of the pregnancy, including birth and period of hospitalization (called the post-partum period).

The Maternity Division at the HUG, the only public maternity facility in the canton of Geneva, performs 65% of all deliveries in the canton. It is also the reference for monitoring high-risk pregnancies. The most complex cases are referred here. It offers many specialized consultations based on the problems involved. Specific monitoring is provided, for example, to pregnant women suffering from diabetes, excess weight, high blood pressure, etc.

Some figures for our activity in 2019:
27,127 outpatient consultations
4,247 births

Maternity Division in 2019

The Maternity Division has been in a process of transformation and modernization for 20 years in order to offer the best to women and babies.

Notre maternité en 2019

Download the information sheet about the Maternity Division in 2019 (HUGMAG article)

Last update : 29/09/2020