Facts, Figures and Dates

Key figures

1st Swiss University Hospitalkey figures 2019

  • 8 hospitals
  • 2 clinics
  • 30 care sites
  • 64’134 hospital cases
  • 1,109,781 outpatients treated
  • 28,689 surgical procedures
  • 4,248 births
  • 130,749​​​​​​​ emergencies
  • 2,008 beds
  • 11,945 employees where 1,911 are physicians and 6,450 in nursing care, medical technology, medical treatment and social services staff

For more information see 2019 Key figures website

Key dates

The HUG Hospital Group was created in 1995 via a merger of the Geneva public sector hospitals. It continues a tradition of excellence in medicine and science that dates back hundreds of years. Some key dates.

1535Creation of the General Hospital
1712Rebuilding of the General Hospital on the site of the current Palais de justice
1856Opening of the Canton Hospital, following the separation of social work, the task of the General Hospice, from medical assistance
1875Opening of The Maternity opened at rue Prévost-Martin
1876Creation of the University of Geneva Faculty of Medicine
1898First outpatient consultations (polyclinics)
1900Opening of two asylums outside city limits: Loëx ("for incurable and non-contagious patients", and Bel-Air ("for mental health patients")
1913Construction of Surgery Department
1943Construction on the Cluse-Roseraie site began, which carried on for the next fifty years
1961Opening of the Children's Hospital
1972Opening of the Geriatrics Hospital
1992Opening of the Opéra building containing 12 operating theatres (including four for Emergency)
1995Creation of the Geneva University Hospitals
2015Opening of Laboratory and Research Building (BATLab)
2016Integration of Joli-Mont and Crans-Montana clinics into the HUG
2017Opening of Gustave Julliard Building

Five key publications

  • 150 ans. De l'Hôpital cantonal aux HUG. Une vision politique pour un hôpital public [150 years: from Canton Hospital to HUG. A political vision for a public hospital], by Bernard Lescaze, Médecine+Hygiène, Geneva 2006

  • A l’orée de la vie - 100 ans de gynécologie et d’obstétrique à la Maternité de Genève [On the cusp of life: 100 years of obstetrics and gynecology at the Geneva Maternity], edited by Philip Rieder, Médecine+Hygiène, Geneva 2007

  • Loëx. L'Asile, la Maison, l'Hôpital dans la presqu'île [Loëx: Asylum, Home, Hospital on the peninsula], by Armand Brulhart, Georg Editeur, Geneva 2000

  • Du Mal de Saint-Antoine à Belle-Idée. 2 siècles de psychiatrie à Genève [From Mal de Saint-Antoine to Belle-Idée: 2 centuries of psychiatry in Geneva]. Volume 1, by Armand Brulhart, Georg Editeur, Geneva 2002

  • De Bel-Air à Belle-Idée. 2 siècles de psychiatrie à Genève [From Mal de Saint-Antoine to Belle-Idée: 2 centuries of psychiatry in Geneva]. Volume 2, edited by Armand Brulhart, Georg Editeur, Geneva 2003

These publications can be ordered from the "L'art à l'hôpital" website (FR).

Last update : 18/06/2020