Traumatic bereavement

Certain circumstances may complicate the mourning process and require specialized help.

Here are some signs that should encourage you to seek help:

  • Distress is a special form of moral pain that isolates by giving the impression that it is no longer possible to share one’s feelings.
  • The image of the deceased that becomes overpowering and which wells up quite uncontrollably at any time. Incessant thoughts in the form of reproaches.
  • A feeling of strangeness and hostility towards oneself and towards those around us.
  • The appearance of symptoms similar to those that caused the loss of the deceased.

These manifestations are present in many people facing the loss of a loved one. More than their intensity, it is their persistence over time that should encourage you to seek assistance.

In this context, the consumption of “tranquillizers”, alcohol and/or narcotics could greatly exacerbate your difficulties. If you feel the need for help, that you “can’t manage any more“, talk to your doctor, who is a partner of choice in dialogue.

To talk about it

You can call reception at the psychiatric liaison and crisis intervention service at 022 372 38 65.
You can contact a chaplain at 022 372 85 90 by contacting the HUG chaplaincies assistant.

Last update : 24/05/2022