Research and Teaching

Clinical research for the best recovery

There is a lot of ongoing clinical research involving patients at the Center for Musculoskeletal and Sports Medicine in the following areas:

  • Implementation and validation of function tests measuring neuromuscular performance, in order to guaranteebest safety when resuming a sport after an injury.
  • Use of a Wii console - well known to gamers - in a context of rehabilitation following an ankle sprain.
  • Comparative study of two different practices to determine which will be most effective and most useful for the patient: pre-operative rehabilitation of an injury to an anterior cruciate ligament of the knee versus the capacity for post-operative recovery.
  • A comparative study of two types of graft of an anterior cruciate ligament: by using a quadriceps or patella tendon.
  • Effectivenessof the PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) in treating sports-related tendon injuries.
  • Basic research into the healing of muscle tissue with cellular therapies, in particular stem cells, and PRP


On the level of pre-graduate education, practical training internships for 1 or 2 months are available to students at the center under the supervision of either Dr. Jean-Luc Ziltene or Pr. Didier Hannouche.

The center is involved in the following courses:

  • APP 3rd year: Module: Introduction to the nervous system, UIDC orthopedics, physiotherapy, clinical apprenticeship in emergency, course in trauma care (Sports Science, University of Geneva).
  • Electives in Sports Medicine
  • Education at the HES Physiotherapy Department.

The Center is also involved in postgraduate teaching in Sports Medicine for the Société Suisse de médecine du sport (Swiss Society of Sports Medicine). In this context, a course is organized in Geneva.
The Center is also involved in teaching sports physio.

The Center also offers a six month rotation in Sports Medicine to people wishing to obtain a Proficiency Certificate in Sports Medicine (SGSM-SSMS).


Last update : 14/04/2021