360° Videos

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Watch 360 degree videos - instructionsvirtual reality device

  • First you need to have a virtual reality device (glasses, headset, cardboard) and your smartphone. Place your smartphone in the device. 
  • Then click on the video that you want to view
  • Open in full screen.
  • Click the iconlocated iconon the bottom left corner of the video. The screen splits into two.
  • Put on your device and look around you to see the video in 360 degrees.

In each video, you are offered a tour with tooltips that give you information about the elements that you will see.

    Our videos

    Au coeur de la chirurgie pédiatrique

    Immersion en cardiologie interventionnelle

    La chirurgie à cœur ouvert

    Le bâtiment Gustave Julliard

    High-precision eye surgery

    High-tech radiology at Trois-Chêne

    3D exploration of the vertebral column

    Laparoscopy, safe and aesthetic

    Learning how to walk again with a robot

      Last update : 14/04/2021