Quality and safety

Your identity wristband

Upon admission, you receive a wristband with your surname, first names, sex and date of birth, which must be worn on the wrist. This wristband contributes to the safety of your care, by helping to verify your identity when you receive treatment or undergo an examination. During your stay, your identity is verified many times.

Reading aloud: the final check

Before your operation, throughout the process until you are anaesthetized, security checks are carried out on, particularly, your identity, the organ and the side to be operated on. Please do not be surprised at this procedure. It provides an added guarantee of safety in the operating theatres.

Prevention of falls and bedsores

Our healthcare staff take the necessary measures to avoid falls. These include adequate lighting, signs where the floor is slippery, and provision of walking frames. You can help by wearing slippers with backs (rather than slide-on mules). Please do not hesitate to ask for help getting about.

If your state of health prevents you from moving and obliges you to stay in bed or in an armchair, there is a major risk of developing bedsores. These are skin lesions caused by the body pressing against a bed or armchair. In this situation, please follow staff recommendations carefully.

Specific measures

You care team may take other hospital hygiene measures (gloves, goggles or protective overall may be worn) to protect you if your immune systems are weakened, or if you present a risk of infection. A red label on the door of the room or on the bed draws attention to these measures. Some instructions also apply to your relatives and visitors.

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Last update : 06/01/2020