Your responsabilities

Respect for others and for the equipment


Please respect our staff and the other patients and their personal groups. Any verbal or physical violence is forbidden and may be subject to criminal proceedings. You are responsible for the hospital equipment placed at your disposal. Please treat it with care. You will be responsible for the cost of any deliberate damage you may cause. Furthermore, you are responsible for all personal items and valuables that you keep with you.

Peace and quiet


In order to respect the recovery of the other patients, try to restrict the number of people visiting you at the same time and please observe the authorized visiting hours. Please also consider the peace and quiet of your room neighbors by wearing headsets when using your smartphone, tablet or any other audiovisual device.

Non-smoking hospital


All buildings are non-smoking areas indoors. This includes balconies and cafeteria terraces. This ban also concerns electronic cigarettes. Smoking and the use of electronic cigarettes within 10 metres of doors or windows is also prohibited. There are some designated sheltered smoking areas outside, a few steps away from hospital entrances.

Alcohol consumption and the use of cannabis and illegal substances are prohibited inside the hospital.

Photos and videos


It is prohibited to take photos or videos of other hospital inpatients and of the medical and care team. It is also prohibited to make any sound or image recordings during treatment.

Last update : 13/06/2023