Your security

Security guards

They are recognizable by their uniforms (blue pullovers and beige trousers).  They work round the clock to control site access and ensure the general security of the premises. They also might bring back patients who are disorientated or lost and intervene in interpersonal conflicts. If you need to contact them, please refer to the healthcare staff in your unit.

Surveillance cameras

In accordance with the law, HUG has surveillance cameras installed in key positions. These help to preserve your security and the security of your relatives and of hospital staff. There are signs indicating the presence of a camera. These also give a telephone number and contact to call for further information if you require it.

Fire safety

If a fire breaks out, immediately inform the staff in your division and obey the instructions given on what to do in case of fire. Safety instructions are displayed in each division and all rooms are equipped with fire detectors.

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Last update : 06/01/2020