You are domiciled outside of Geneva

You are domiciled in Switzerland, outside the canton of Geneva, insured according to LAMal (art. 41) and you want to be hospitalized at HUG:

  • Your hospitalization at the Geneva University Hospitals is subject to the granting of a hospitalization guarantee outside your home canton.
  • The referring doctor must send a guarantee request to your canton of residence.
  • If you receive approval, the bill will be split between your health insurance fund and your canton of residence.
  • In the event of total or partial rejection, you will be liable for part of the invoice which will be personally addressed to you. HUG is part of the Geneva cantonal planning process; parts to be charged to compulsory healthcare insurance and, if applicable, to the canton will be sent respectively to your health insurance and, if applicable, your canton of residence.
  • If you are in receipt of a additional insurance covering hospital costs throughout Switzerland, the reimbursement is subject to the general contractual terms and you should be aware of the conditions and limitations of these terms.

If you are insured by an international or foreign insurance company, we suggest that you check the coverage and cost reimbursement before your hospital admission and request a guarantee of full reimbursement for your stay.
Failing that, to guarantee payment of your stay, we ask you to pay a deposit before your planned hospital admission.
The responsibility for payment of all hospital costs is yours and you will have to sign a consent document stating this.
Before your hospital admission, we recommend that you request a cost estimate for your hospitalization. Talk to your doctor who will ask the Rates and Customers Division at HUG (email:

Cross-border health insurance

On June 1st 2014, French legislation changed the conditions for access to healthcare in Switzerland.

The Geneva University Hospitals affirm their desire to care for all patients under the best conditions possible. An excellent quality of care and the comprehensive care of patients is their primary concern. HUG has established a hotline (+41 22 372 20 20, Monday to Friday, 9 am to 4 pm) to answer calls from cross-border patients (patients residing in France).

For cross-border residents with Swiss health insurance, nothing changes. As provided for by the LAMal, their insurance covers all outpatient consultations, whether emergency or scheduled, and any hospitalizations.

For cross-border residents with French health insurance, they previously had the choice between private insurance and the French Social Security System. From June 1st 2014 and no later than June 1st 2015, all these patients will fall under the French Social Security System. For them, the fundamental change lies in the distinction between necessary care without prior authorization, and planned care, requiring prior authorization.

Regarding cross-border patients currently undergoing major care at HUG, the terms and duration of the reimbursement are currently the subject of discussions. They are advised to contact the CPAM (hotline 0811 910 024 or +33 811 910 024 from Switzerland) to obtain confirmation of their financial coverage and to seek prior authorization if applicable.

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Last update : 13/12/2021