Rue Gabrielle-Perret-Gentil 4
1205 Geneva

Mouna Asal
Mobility Plan Manager

Why a mobility plan?

mobility plan is a collection of measures put in place by a company to facilitate the travelling of its employees, to combat the phenomenon of a sedentary lifestyle and to respond to problems due to motorized traffic and parking shortages. 

The objective is to promote a transfer away from individual motorized forms of transport (cars, motorcycles, scooters) towards “friendly” and “active” methods of transport (bikes, electric bicycles and walking), public transport, car pooling and car sharing. The objective is to :

  • Facilitating the accessibility of our sites
  • Confronting the parking shortages: 1 parking space for 10 employees
  • Taking into consideration a highly varied set ofproblems:
    • rotating schedules and/or shifts,
    • intersite travel,
    • distance from home, etc.
  • Implementing combined solutions.
Last update : 27/06/2022