Care quality


Chemin Thury 3
1206 Genève

Guy Haller
Pierre Chopard
Staff Physician, Head of Division

Mission of the Care Quality Division

The mission of the Care Quality Division is to promote care quality at the Geneva University Hospitals, in such a way that the public hospital best meets the needs of the population. This mission involves providing services, training and research.

The main fields of activity of the Care Quality Division are the following:

  • Management using quality 
  • Care process 
  • Surveys (patient satisfaction, private practice physician satisfaction, safety culture, etc.) 
  • Care safety (managing incidents, Mortality/morbidity review)
  • Patient information/participation 
  • Indicators of care quality

The Care Quality Division has other activities, such as providing methodological support division quality projects or organizing HUG quality days.


In October 1997, under the advice of Professor A.-F. Junod, the Chief Medical Officer at the time, the Geneva University Hospitals formed a Care Quality Group to better understand future challenges in this field.

This group complemented other facilities that were already working in the care quality field, such as the Infection Prevention and Control Division and the Quality Section of the Care Directorate.

In 2002, the Quality group became the Care Quality Division. It is part of the Medical and Quality Directorate and has been under the responsibility of Dr. Pierre Chopard since June 2007.

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