Operations Department


The Operations Department provides the catering and logistical services required for the entire HUG to function properly:

  • provide a pleasant and friendly time to patients, staff and clients by providing a catering service that takes into account the requirements for a varied and balanced diet and meets the high expectations for hygiene and taste
  • provide professional services in the area of buildings and premises, efficiently manage all projects from the study to the maintenance of equipment where there is a performance obligation in terms of power distribution and environmental protection
  • provide irreproachable hygiene and safety quality with a complete laundry service that covers the supply and distribution of linen and occupational clothing
  • manage logistics for all services by taking rapid control of merchandise in a continual flow, coordinate and transport biological products and possessions in a careful manner that is tailored to the situation with the help of an infrastructure ranging from bicycles to the high technology medical helicopter
  • be responsible for cleaning and disinfecting the premises, rooms and beds with a highly qualified team using measures helping to prevent hospital infections; sorting garbage, maintaining gardens and managing roads as well as the obsolete are all integral parts of the work
  • suggest appropriate solutions for the mobility of staff and the people working at HUG (parking, transport passes, etc.), while responding appropriately to their needs
  • contribute to maintaining a high quality of life through sports and leisure at Bains de Cressy, a unique Balneotherapy Center in Geneva run by health and sports medicine professionals (Swiss Olympic Medical Center).

More than 1,350 employees provide technical, logistical, administrative and management duties at the different sites at Cluse-Roseraie, Belle-Idée, Loëx, Bellerive, Trois-Chêne, Joli-Mont, Cressy and non-hospital based facilities.

M. Didier GevauxDidier Gevaux
Director of Operations Department

Last update : 24/10/2023