You are domiciled in Geneva

Daily fee or DRG

Depending on the type of care received, your stay will be billed based on a daily fee or a DRG fee (Diagnosis Related Groups).

  • The daily fee is an amount charged per day (including day of admission and day of discharge)
  • The DRG fee (fee per case) is a pricing system based on consolidation and classification of hospital stays into different disease groups (DRGs). It concerns acute somatic care.

Information to insurer

Following your stay at HUG, your diagnosis will appear on your bill as a code. If you do not wish your insurer to know this diagnosis code, you must inform the doctor monitoring you in hospital. The code will then be transmitted to the medical advisor of your insurance company and will not appear on the invoice.

Contribution towards stay costs

Since January 1, 2011, the Ordinance on health insurance provides for a financial contribution from the patient towards hospital stay expenses (food, housing) of 15 Swiss francs per day. This amount is fixed and cannot be subject to change (for example, if you bring your own food to the hospital). It is not decided upon nor billed by HUG. Therefore it is only included on the health insurance company statement. If you require additional information, please contact them.

Children, young people in education and women admitted for maternity services are not affected by this measure.


Outpatient activity is billed with Tarmed, the single medical fee is applicable to all outpatient medical services provided within a hospital or private practice in Switzerland. The Tarmed point value is negotiated on a cantonal level with health insurance companies and in case of disagreement, determined by order of the State Council.

Last update : 09/11/2023