Finance Directorate

M. Rémy Mathieu
M. Rémy Mathieu

The mission of the Finance Directorate is to implement HUG financial policy. 

It implements and supervises the following activity areas:

  • ensures overall HUG financial stability, tracks and manages funds, monitors accounts
  • develops the overall budget then the specific budgets for the medical departments, the Operations Department and common Departments and Divisions
  • responsible for the administrative management of patients and provides exhaustive invoicing for medical services and care provided (coding system based on medical documentation, issuing of invoices and revenue collection)
  • negotiates all the fees applicable with the economic partners of the institution
  • conducts medical-economic analyses for each of the medical activities or specialties
  • rationalizes administrative procedures and financial flows.

Additionally, the Finance Directorate monitors issues relating to health economics and hospital financing. To this end, it is constantly monitoring trends and represents HUG in relevant groups and authorities.

Last update : 19/07/2021