Continuous training

Continuous training is essential for the competent practice of medicine. Medical research, knowledge and practice evolve so quickly that continuous training is laid down as a professional duty in the law on medical professions (LPMéd) since 2007.

The Swiss Medical Federation (FMH) and its medical disciplinary bodies have previously set down the principles and framework conditions for continuous medical training (FR) in the Regulations for Continuous Training (RFC) since 1998: an obligation to provide proof of 50 hours (50 credits) of structured continuous training and 30 hours of personal study. The recommended structure and recognition of the 50 credits are set out in concrete terms in the continuous training programs of the various disciplinary bodies.

The medical departments and divisions of HUG work jointly with the Faculty of Medicine to set up many symposiums (FR), most of which are also open to doctors from the city. Participation in these presentations and professional gatherings earns continuous training credits.

Last update : 03/04/2019