Becoming a doctor

To become a doctor, studies begin with medical school. In Switzerland, this basic training (pre-graduate) is provided by the universities of Geneva,Fribourg, Lausanne, Basel and Bern.

A federal MD degree obtained at a university is required to start specialist postgraduate training. The title of specialist is one of the conditions for practicing medicine in an independent medical practice.

In Geneva, this training is set up jointly between HUG and the University of Geneva Faculty of Medicine (FR), also geographic neighbors since the Faculty is located on the premises of the CMU (University Medical Center).

This partnership between a hospital whose primary purpose is to treat and a Faculty that provides research and high-level instruction ensures that the public receives state-of-the-art care from the best specialists.

It is mainly at the postgraduate training and continuing education level for doctors that HUG is a key player in the medical training process.

Last update : 06/04/2022