Les projets des collaborateurs du service de radiologie financés par le fonds national et autres fondations


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1205 Genève

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Bâtiment C, niveau P
Pierre-Alexandre Poletti
Pierre-Alexandre Poletti
Médecin-chef de service

Projets financés par le fonds national Suisse

  • P.-A. Poletti, H. Müller, J.-P. Janssens, A. Perrier, A. Platon. FNS No. 320030_146804/1.  Non-cardiogenic Pulmonary Hypertension : Diagnosis and Etiologic Assessment using 4D Analysis of Dual Energy CT Images. CHF 95'400
  • M. Becker, O. Ratib, P. Dulguerov. FNS No. 320030_135728/1. Does sequential MR and PET examination with a new combined imaging technology improve diagnosis of primary and recurrent squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck? CHF 250’000
  • H. Zaidi, J.P. Thirain, K.O. Lovblad, M. Becker. FNS No. 31003A_149957. Towards motion compensated direct 4D parametric whole-body PET imaging. CHF 359’180 
  • S.Terraz, R. Salomir, P. Cattin, B. Oliver, CD. Becker. FNS CR3313-14380. Minimally invasive ablation of liver malignancies using MRgHIFU : pilot studies in clinical research. CHF 550’000 
  • CD. Becker, P. Cattin, R. Salomir, K. Scheffler, S. Terraz. FNS No. CR32I3-125499. Experimental and clinical validation of a fully integrated platform of MRI guided focused ultrasound thermotherapy in moving organs. CHF 500'000 (100 % du montant total). 
  • P. Cattin, AJ Lomax, R. Salomir, K. Scheffler, C. Tanner, S. Terraz, M. Viallon. FNS No. CRSII2-127549. Evaluation and validation of ultrasound for the management of organ motion in tumour therapy. CHF 147'000 (20 % du montant total). 
  • Berney T, Vallée JP, Bosco D. FNS No. 3200B0-127583. Islet of Langerhans graft monitoring by magnetic resonance imaging. CHF 125'780 (100% de 38%)
  • Lazeyras F, Vallée JP. FNS No. 135425. Viability assessment of marginal donors’kidney before transplantation using MRI and 31P MRS. CHF 201'680

Autres fondations 

  • L. Vasquez, M. Becker. ITI Research: 752-2011. Evaluation of the measurement accuracy on cone beam CT. CHF 44’600
  • Vallée JP. European Grant NMP4-LA-2009-228929 ”NANODIARA” (EUR 8'000 000 including EUR 1'100 000 for the Geneva University as the Work Package 2 leading house). EUR 1'100 000  
  • Vallée JP. Fondation Louis-Jeantet (CHF 200'000.00). Non-invasive fibrosis and inflammation assessment in the kidney allograft using MRI. CHF 100'000
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