Specialist Care Training

HUG offers numerous specialisms (FR) for health professionals to enable them to add to their competencies.

Post-diploma studies at Ecoles Supérieurs leading to an expert diploma in care

  • Anesthetics care EPD ES
  • Emergency Care EPD ES
  • Adult Intensive Care EPD ES
  • Pediatric Intensive Care & Neonatology EPD ES

General regulations for 2017 EPD ES specialist care training (FR)
Description of the specialized care training (FR)


Certified studies offered in partnership with HES SO Geneva

  • CAS HES-SO in clinical psychiatry
  • DAS HES-SO in clinical psychiatry and mental health
  • CAS HES-SO in geriatrics, a multidisciplinary approach
  • CAS HES-SO in cardiology care (organized by HES-SO Fribourg)
  • CAS HES-SO in care of people with renal failure

In-house diplomas at HUG

For more information and to register, write to:


Hôpitaux Universitaires de Genève
Direction des ressources humaines
Centre de formation
Formations spécialisées en soins
Rue Alcide-Jentzer 22
CH-1211 Genève 14
Tel :+41(0)22/372.75.40
email : sfom@hcuge.ch


Last update : 21/03/2017