Epilepsy neurosurgery


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Karl Schaller
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Epilepsy neurosurgery is a highly specialized discipline that requires close collaboration with the epileptology team.

Epilepsy (FR) is a neurological disease that causes an abnormal discharge of nerve cells in the brain. It causes seizures with a frequency and duration that vary depending on the individual. There are many different causes. If there is no lesion causing the seizures (tumors, abscesses, cysts, etc.), patients are treated by neurologists to stop the seizures with antiepileptic medications.

Despite adequate drug therapy, some people continue to suffer from epileptic seizures. A pre-surgical assessment of the epilepsy (phase II assessment) is then carried out with the close collaboration of the Neurology Division. Its purpose is to delineate the area that causes seizures by setting up electrodes in the brain. If an area is indicated, the possibility of removing it surgically is discussed.

Some epileptic seizures are caused by various neurological syndromes and diseases. Several so-called “disconnection” surgical techniques may then be offered.

Last update : 15/02/2019