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Portrait du Pr Karl Schaller
Karl Schaller
Head of Division

centre de recherche neurochirurgieSpecial emphasis is placed on scientific research including projects on intracranial aneurysms, epilepsy and neuromonitoring, as well as spinal column surgery.

This includes:

  1. AneurysmDataBank
  2. Aneux
  3. Swiss SOS
  4. Genetics of aneurysms
  5. Molecular markers of the integrity and stability of the walls of intracranial aneurysms (Private HUG Foundation).
  6. Development of decision support tools including automatic analysis of medical images and standardized assessment in clinical settings. Micro-intracranial surgery in augmented reality.
  7. Micro-intracranial surgery in augmented reality.
  8. Intelligent digital surgeon (UniGe, HUG, OramaVR, MIRALab). 
  9. Hybrid room surgery assisted by intraoperative imaging.
  10. Integrated brain monitoring for intensive care patients.
  11. Multidisciplinary registry of skull base tumors.
  12. “Cognitive Neurosurgery” project (Pictet Foundation).
  13. Project “Mapping the brain networks of the bodily and cognitive self for the prediction of personality deficits following brain surgery” (Fond National Suisse).

rechercheIn addition to clinical research, basic science projects are being carried out with the University of Geneva through the University Medical Center, as well as the Wyss Center and the Biotech Campus.

Multicenter research projects at a national and international level are also conducted by members of our team.


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Last update : 30/01/2024