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How is a herniated disc treated?

Initially, treatment is based on taking pain and anti-inflammatory medication, as well as counseling on posture, with or without the use of physical therapy. In the most persistent cases, an injection of corticosteroids may be offered. Pain often disappears on its own after several months.

Surgery is urgently indicated in the following cases:

  • sudden leg paralysis or severe weakness for 24 hours
  • horse tail syndrome.

Surgery may also be recommended in case of aggravation or persistence of pain despite adapted drug therapy.

Is the intervention effective?

In 95% of cases, leg pain is relieved within a few days, which helps with recovery. However, back pain, leg weakness or tingling may persist.

What does the intervention consist of?

Removing the part of the disc that is compressing the nerve.

Last update : 13/02/2019